Lease Plans industry focus group panel member - Rodney Tanner joins Realserve

09 Jun 2019
Rod Tanner Realserve Queensland Survey Manager v1

Rodney Tanner joins Realserve


30 years of experience with Lease Plans

Rodney’s 30+ years of experience further bolsters the ability for Realserve to deliver the most accurate building and property measuring services available in Australia, especially for Lease Plans and the growing 3D scanning space. Rod has gained an incredible breadth of surveying knowledge in complex titling, project management of land developments (urban/rural), civil construction, infrastructure and exploration. He has done this across Australia and New Zealand.


Lease Plan industry focus group panel member

With the valuable addition of Rod to the team, Realserve are focused on maintaining our position as leaders in the preparation of Lease Plans, by continuing to be at the forefront of the latest information. Rod is a member of The Department of National Resources, Mines and Energy’s (DNRME) industry focus group for Lease Plans. Meeting periodically, Rod gives private sector perspective on the proposed changes to Lease Plan presentations for Title Registration. 


Rod’s credentials:

  • Cadastral Surveyor
  • Justice of the Peace (Qual)
  • Bachelor Applied Science (Surveying)
  • Surveying and Planning Post Graduate Degree
  • Cadastre QLD Transformation focus group


Call Rod: 1800 961 668


Rod’s insights into QLD Lease plans


Why did Rodney Tanner join Realserve? 

Recently we had a chat with Rod and discussed his excitement to be working with a company that is truly servicing the entire nation, after working with many Queensland based companies over the years that have a smaller focus. Rod said, ‘the Realserve management team are open minded and are not afraid to invest in modern technology which is critical to providing clients with the very best cost effective surveying services available. They have also been keen for someone like myself who is “hands on”, yes I still do fieldwork, to help develop, promote and expand the strong reputation of Realserve, in amongst the bigger, well known Queensland Surveying companies.’



What's the most significant thing Rod thinks property professionals don't realise when it comes to Lease Plans?

Rod has found that many property professionals don’t know that the Property Council of Australia’s Method of Measurement Guidelines, are just that – guidelines. If a “standard” has been used across a site, that is contrary to the PCA, a client can and should make us aware. He pointed out that ultimately, the Lease is an agreement between two parties only - The Lessor and Lessee, and we are happy to always ensure our plans reflect those agreements.

What is the most common mistake people make when it comes to Lease Plans?

End users (Tenants, Property Managers, Landlords) expect plans to be area perfect and that one surveyor should always calculate an identical area to the last surveyor. Quite often we see differences because of a rounding error, or perhaps the lease area was taken to the internal face of the wall instead of the centreline of the wall between two tenancies, as we would typically do in accordance with the PCA guidelines.

Rod says, ‘it’s important to understand what was measured before, what will be measured this time, and what changes have occurred in the 20 plus years since the last measure. Changes to wall linings or the surrounding areas can be area affecting variables.’ He went on to say, ‘what is incredible to see is the advances in technology and the equipment Realserve has to measure things so accurately!’

What has been one of the biggest industry changes you have seen in recent years?

Rod’s answer was no surprise – ‘that’s easy… without a doubt, robotic instruments and laser scanning to capture data in the field, as well as the adoption of 3D modelling across the industry.' Rod's seen the traditional two man field parties almost become a thing of the past, as with the latest technology, they are mostly only necessary from a WH&S perspective.



One of Rod's many silly 'on the job' stories...

For a bit of fun, we asked Rod for a story from being out in the field that amused him. ‘We get quite a few strange looks when we are going through buildings doing our measures. My first week on the job we were doing a detail survey on one of the big fast food chains and when I called a pole height change out to my colleague, the young guy behind the counter asked, “sorry what was your order again?" Rod continued, ‘oh and all the really odd things we see daily are probably a bit much for publication…’



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