First in Australia - 3D Laser Scanning

15 Sep 2017
Realserve BLK360 Scanner 2

Realserve are thrilled to announce that we are the first in Australia to take delivery of Leica’s BLK 360 from the leading national survey solutions provider C.R.Kennedy.

Fitting in the palm, and weighing just 1kg, this tiny 3D scanner is the brainchild of the Leica Geosystem team. Celebrated as an innovative marvel, the BLK360 took out twin gongs earlier this year – the 2017 PRISM Metrology Award, and the 2017 Geospatial World Innovation Award for innovation and excellence.

World’s smallest 3D laser scanner captures big data fast with one click!

The BLK360 represents a quantum leap forward in 3D scanning development and technique. Despite its small size the BLK360 punches far above its weight. Under a stylish satin black dome, the BLK360 is designed for high speed collection of data on interior panoramas at a lightning rate of 360,000 laser scan points per second, all with a single touch of a button.

Michael Larobina, General Manager of Realserve who took delivery of the scanner earlier this week said "Reality capture with our new devices will collect everything you see, so Agents, Architects and Property professionals can investigate an accurate space and work out ways to fit in multiple working zones, or to position them better for energy efficiency or access to services".

"The precision data we collect with the BLK360" said Larobina "will also hold value for longer, allowing us to generate multiple and diverse plans, from a one-time scan".

The efficiencies of the BLK360 will bring enormous benefit to our realserve customers by ramping up data collection speeds and maximising the integrity and accuracy of the scan data captured.

Realserve 3D Scanning Capture

Time taken to collect the data is reduced, scan registration is faster and output of the new BLK360 scanner pointcloud is first rate.

For a device the size of a bottle of wine, operating rapidly with zero disruption to your employees or your tenant’s workflow, the BLK360 is nothing short of astonishing in the field of reality capture.

Buildings that are old can mean walls aren’t straight and there may be beams and columns in odd places, or simply no plan is available for an incoming tenant. With a 3D scan coupled with a measured drawing you can locate precise settings of existing conditions ceiling fixtures, service points and columns.

Contact our experts based in our 8 offices across Australia and New Zealand about how you can obtain the benefits of using the world’s smallest laser scanner and start confident today!