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11 May 2017

Property Council Of Australia Method Of Measurement

The property Council of Australia’s, “Method of Measurement for Lettable Areas” is an indispensable tool for calculating lettable areas in commercial, industrial and retail premises. Being the definitive guidelines for measuring floor space area in leased premises the “Method of Measurement for Lettable Areas” (formerly the BOMA Method of Measurement) ensures a consistent approach in taken to calculating lettable areas across a range of building types.

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10 May 2017

A Tall Order

We helped our client by completing Existing Conditions Survey Drawings & 3D Point Cloud, so they could both modify and enhance the building’s façade.

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20 Mar 2016

Powerful Points Of 3D Scanning

Complex building shapes and highly detailed facades can now quickly and easily be scanned in three dimensions thanks to new technology in the Australian and New Zealand market being utilised by Realserve.

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18 Jan 2016

Start Confident

Begin the year laser focused and obtain the necessary data to allow you to start confident with your next project.

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06 Feb 2014

Realserve Now in New Zealand

We are excited to advise you of our new local Auckland office. After the last few years of Realserve providing Real Estate Plans and Surveys in the North Island we are now setting up a new local office in Auckland.

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09 Jul 2013

Heritage Listed Building Scanned In 3D

An exciting and recent innovation from Realserve in the field of surveying, they have been out utilising their 3D scanner to model the shape of a heritage listed building in South Australia.

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01 Nov 2012

2012 Royal Flying Doctor Service Trek

The 2012 Trek was the 23rd annual Outback Car Trek and kicked off from the Yarrawonga on the Murray and travelled over 3,500kms through some of the most beautiful country in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

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