Topographical & detail surveys

If you have settled on a new piece of paradise, topographical and detail surveys are what you need.

What is a topographical / detail survey?

A topographical, detail, or contour survey gathers data on all land features and details. These surveys locate and measure all natural and man-made features and elevations.

Your new piece of land can be mapped in the best possible way, during the design and construction phase, through a Topographical Survey. Topographical surveys clearly outline the contours of your land, showing valleys, slopes and depressions. These surveys also define physical features in detail, both natural and man-made, such as vegetation, buildings, and roads within your boundaries. Topographical and detail surveys also include elevations, road names, and further building details.


Do I need a topographical / detail survey?

Topographical surveys are needed for several reasons. This includes;

  • Accurately locating and measuring all land/building features
  • Before constructing or extending a building
  • For land valuation purposes
  • To determine existing conditions of a site, and discover any issues
  • Providing architects and engineers with precise information for design purposes
  • To show where new structures could be included, and what kind of structures will fit

There are several more projects in which you may require a topographical and detail survey. For more information on your project and what surveys and plans you need, contact us.


A Topographical Survey is a valuable resource to determine how well your design will sit within the landscape, how nature may influence your design, and what type of design you can produce efficiently.

To view some sample plans and Realserve topographical survey examples, see the bottom of this page. 

When preparing a topographical and detail survey for you, our licensed Land Surveyors will work directly with you through the process with you, to ensure your project is a success. Realserve will ensure that all your needs are met when producing your survey plan.

To talk more about topographical surveys and your project, contact us, or request for a surveying expert to call you at a convenient time.