Site analysis plans

What is a site analysis plan?

A Site Analysis Plan is a land survey plan used to gain an understanding of your site and its context, and the resulting constraints and opportunities for a development.

Site analysis plans also form a basis for good site planning, including for retaining desirable landscape elements, establishing building footprints, determining building orientation, and protecting heritage fabric. Site analysis plans can show several features, such as underground pipes, roads, parking, lighting, and landscaping.

To view a site analysis plan example, click here or scroll to the bottom of this page.


Why do I need a site analysis plan?

Site analysis plans can help you in designing and constructing effective developments. As mentioned above, site analysis plans help you with planning to keep specific landscape features, determine orientations, and protect various elements of your site.

Site analysis plans also assist in the following:

  • Creating a private space for you and your neighbours,
  • Planning use of natural light and ventilation for a greener environment,
  • Maintaining of existing character within your urban environment,
  • Minimising land disturbances during your construction, and
  • Making cost effective developments in relation to services and existing land uses.

You may also require a site analysis plan as they are often a council development requirement. They assist the council in assessing proposed properties and developments. Our experienced surveyors are located Australia wide and can give you expert advice based on your specific location and the location of your site. For more information, contact us.


If a site analysis plan is what you're looking for, request a quote today or ask for a surveying expert to call you. Our licensed Land Surveyors will work through the process with you, to ensure your project is a success.