Cadastral Surveys

We undertake Cadastral Surveys, which include identification surveys and title re-establishment surveys, to determine the position of fencing and occupation to title boundaries required for due diligence and design.


What are Cadastral Surveys?

Cadastral Surveying is a type of Land Surveying. The purpose of our Cadastral Survey services is to precisely identify boundaries and measure title re-establishments, which are required for due diligence and design.


Our surveyors provide complete confidence through Cadastral Surveys by:

• Marking of boundaries for new fencing or building work
• Checking for building encroachment issues
• Resolving disputed property boundaries 
• Confirming the ownership of trees on and beside property boundaries.


Our cadastral data will show you the exact boundaries and ownership of land and buildings. You will be provided with an accurate recording of the boundaries. Below is an example of how Realserve creates Cadastral survey plans. See the bottom of this page for sample plans.

Realserve Cadastral Surveying Australia


Realserve Cadastral Surveys are available in all our locations. This includes:


  • New South Wales
    (Offices in Bella Vista and South Sydney)
  • Victoria 
    (Office in Collingwood, Melbourne)
  • Queensland 
    (Office in Murarrie, Brisbane)
  • Western Australia 
    (Office in Osborne Park, Perth) 
  • Northern Territory
    (Operates out of other offices)
  • South Australia 
    (Office in Glenelg, Adelaide)
  • ACT 
    (Office in Manuka, Canberra)

New Zealand
(Office in Auckland)

  • North Island
  • South Island


We are happy to work with you personally to deliver the surveying services you need. If you would like to find out more about Cadastral Surveying, request a quote or a call back.


Sample Plans