Building set-out surveys

What is a Building Set-out Survey?

A Building Set-out Survey transfers a building design onto a precise survey of the land itself. Builders can follow this accurate set-out plan during construction. A Set-out Survey shows the exact locations and measurements of proposed structures. It also outlines the legal boundaries for developments on a piece of land.

To see a Realserve Building Set-out Survey example, scroll to the bottom of this page or click here.


Why do I need a Building Set-Out Survey?

Set-out Surveys ensure your construction is within the legal boundaries of your property, as builders and contractors can follow your plans and designs precisely. Key points of your design are established and markers are set down by the survey to guide the building process from the foundations all the way through to floor heights if required.

Building Set-out Surveys are helpful for diverse construction projects such as:

  • Extensions to existing buildings
  • Buildings of small dwellings to commercial high-rise
  • Constructing roads, bridges, and tunnels

Set-out surveys is important for any kind of construction work, as it allows builders to accurately visualise how a proposed structure will fit into a space. Builders can follow key points and markers provided on the survey plan, and use these as a guide for complete confidence in construction. This allows for construction to be precise and efficient, saving your time and money.


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