Site Plan Services

Site plans are useful for all property, building, or landscape developments and improvements. They are also useful for tenancy and lease information, and parking allocation plans, and can be used as a useful resource for the future.

Site plan drawings show you a total view of all building outlines, parking areas, driveways, boundaries, and landscaping. They also provide an excellent base for adding tenancy and lease expiry information, so tenants can see an exact property map with all necessary information. Site plans are also helpful for creating parking allocation plans, as using the site plan as a base will give a more accurate location for potential car parking plans.

A site plan is a large scale, top-view scaled survey drawing of a property. Using a site plan, you can easily see distances between buildings, parking allocations, driveways, property boundaries, easements, and much more. The survey-accurate architectural and landscape data we provide in our site plans can give you complete confidence in your projects.

Our fully licensed and experienced land survey experts provide precise and helpful site plan surveys to suit all your needs.


Site plans can easily be used for:

  • Effective site analysis
  • Future site planning
  • Planning of new features (for landscapes, transportation, etc.)

Site plan uses are helpful for many people, such as:

  • Architects,
  • Landscape Architects,
  • Engineers,
  • Urban Planners,
  • Builders,
  • Designers,
  • Project Managers,
  • And more.


We provide site plans all over Australia and New Zealand. Whether you need site plan services in Perth, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, or anywhere else, we can give you exactly what you need. 

For more information on how a site plan could help you, contact us or request for a surveying expert to call you. Alternatively,  request a quote now to start confident on your project.