Existing Conditions Elevation Survey of Facade Cladding

Tragic fires have highlighted the dangers associated with aluminium composite cladding (ACP), and the repercussions of not replacing non compliant ACP could be costly.

Realserve can assist you by providing an Existing Conditions Elevation Survey of your ACP, to calculate the exact area of your facade that requires refurbishment.


Update your building’s façade to replace potentially flammable cladding. Request a survey quote today.



What is ACP?

ACP refers to Aluminium Composite Panels, which is also commonly known as aluminium composite cladding.

Aluminium composite cladding is made of two thin aluminium panels, and a core of a non-aluminium material. The core of an aluminium composite cladding panel often contains polyethylene or another flammable material.

Due to the flammable materials used, if the core of one panel catches fire, ACPs can act as a “chimney”, allowing the fire to quickly spread upwards. This causes fast, very dangerous fires that can claim entire buildings and take lives, as seen in the Grenfell Tower disaster. 



What is an Existing Conditions Elevation Survey of ACP?

After you receive an audit, we can help you by measuring the exact area of ACP that requires replacement by providing an Existing Conditions Elevation Survey. This survey plan will show you the accurate square meterage of your cladding, allowing you to efficiently replace your dangerous, non-compliant ACP. 

An Existing Conditions Elevation Survey measures and represents buildings on a 2D drawing, so you can easily understand the exact measurements of dangerous cladding. The information provided will allow you and your architect to start confident on a potential redesign or refurbishment of the building's facade.

To prepare an Existing Conditions Elevation Plan of ACP, we 3D scan your building and produce 2D plans from the millimetre-accurate data received. See an example of a building reality-capture below.


realserve ACP 3Dscan building4


Your Realserve Existing Conditions Elevation Survey will include:

- Building Elevation Drawings (scope area based on your building’s audit)

- Window and mullion positions

- Panel joints

- Doors, Roller Shutters, Awnings, Handrails and other noticeable features.

- Window / door reveal depth

- Façade alignment changes including columns, blade walls recesses & protrusions




Why do I need an Existing Conditions Elevation Survey of ACP?

Each state/territory government has implemented audit plans, which are already in progress. These audits include site inspections by qualified fire services, desktop reviews, and comprehensive assessments of dangerous buildings.

To learn more, visit our article that provides detailed information on what your state/territory is doing about ACP.



What should I do next?

1. Talk to the local council/fire safety engineer about your building

2. Receive an audit

3. Confirm area of non-compliant cladding with an Existing Conditions Elevation Survey

4. Replace façade


For further information, click here to read “Why Your Cladding Matters”.



Don't hesitate to request an Existing Conditions Elevation Survey quote from us today! Act now to take the right steps to replace your ACP.


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