Elevations and Sections

Further to our As-Built or Existing Conditions floor plans, we can provide Elevations and Sections surveys. We understand the relationship between surrounding structures relating to floor and ceiling heights, or window locations and roof lines. Having these extra measurements and an understanding of the elevations will ensure that you have all the important information for your project.


What are Elevations and Sections?

Elevations and sections are 2D visuals which represent a 3D property.

The 2D drawings of a building's cross sections and elevations accurately show the building's features from each side. These views are drawn up and provided to you as an elevations and sections plan.

To see some examples of elevations and sections plans, scroll to the bottom of this page to view the Sample Plans.


Why get an Elevations and Sections plan?

After scanning, we can draw elevations and sections of the building in conjunction with the floor plans. This is helpful as it shows information that can't be accurately shown on a floor plan. The floor plan and elevations are often used together to accurately interpret unusual changes in wall directions or floor heights, where building modifications have gone unrecorded.

Elevation and section plans show helpful data such as floor levels, roof features, and basic topography. An Elevations and Sections plan shows a cross section of parts of the building, and includes elevation measurements. These surveys show structural and architectural details of a building. This includes doors, window frames, surface features, and more. Our use of the latest technology allows us to reach all buildings to capture their details, providing accurate elevations and sections.


Realserve can provide you with the elevations and sections survey and plan that you need. Request a quote today.


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