Detailed Plans

Architectural surveys and plans for renovations and refurbishments.

We understand that you might have development concerns, with alterations or designing of commercial and industrial property. We can help you.

Our reputation and expertise in producing accurate detailed plans, building surveys, and floor plans for renovation and refurbishment has been built up for over 18 years. We are ideally positioned to offer services in the Elevations and Sections, and Reflected Ceiling Plans.

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realserve elevations and sections image

Elevations and Sections

Additional to surveyed floor plans, as-built elevations or sections accurately show the finished construction of the building, indicating exact wall thickness, ceiling heights, window locations, and more. 

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reflected ceiling plans

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Existing Reflected Ceiling Plans show the existing interaction between ceiling finishes, typical services, mechanical fixtures, fire services, and the detailed structure of the building. 

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Services plans image

Services Plans

Services Plans focus primarily on Plant Room mechanical services and relating outlets, lighting, sprinklers, air conditioning vents, exit signs, speakers and exhaust fans. 

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Retail Tenancy Plan Image

Retail Tenancy Plan

Eliminate conflicts and hassles over retail space leasing, design and management, with our clear and concise Retail Tenancy package plans.

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