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Identification Surveys Queensland - Location Plans & Reports

Realserve offers Identification Surveys Queensland-wide, along with Location Plans & Reports to the wider property industry. 

Identification Surveys, Location Plans & Reports in Queensland

A boundary or Identification survey is the surest method to give you peace of mind about your investment in Queensland. An Identification Survey of the parcel of land which you are hoping to purchase or build on, will identify encroachments by or upon that Queensland property. Typically your survey would include the following:

  • general identity of your property
  • encroachments by buildings, fences or other improvements
  • discrepancies in dimensions between the survey and the title deed of your lot
  • confirmation as to whether positions of buildings relative to boundaries comply with local Acts or not
  • Any easements which your property is subject to
  • Proposed acts or changes which may affect your land, or any other matters which arise while the survey is performed