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Aerial Mapping - COME FLY WITH ME

Realserve deploys RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) for its aerial mapping service across much of Australia, bringing you the highest quality and best value mapping solutions and rooftop inspections. We have offices in all Australian capital cities to ensure we can service virtually everyone. Whatever your need, it’s the perfect day for flying!


Leverage our flight experience to benefit your business:

• Save time and money with our expert aerial mapping services
• Enjoy a superior range of air and ground imaging technologies
• Access precision digital mapping and topographical mapping tools
• Discover our diverse range of Aerial Mapping applications.


Industries we currently operate in:

Property Development – for an eagle eye on scope, scale, contours and civils
Real Estate – empower prospective buyers to inspect every angle of a property
Surveying – complement your next contour and survey plan with an aerial map
Marketing – showcase your property from the air
Agriculture – inspect from above at a fraction of the cost over traditional methods
Resources Sector – high resolution visual monitoring and facility inspection.


Realserve has leveraged this industry-leading operational expertise and experience to develop solutions that enables our clients to purposefully harness the power of RPAS data collection and analysis, in a safe and cost effective manner.

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