BIM Process

There is a common misconception that BIM just means 3D design. In fact, it's much more. BIM is a process for creating and managing all of the information on a project –before, during and after construction. The output of the BIM process is the Building Information Model, the digital description of every aspect of the built asset. 

Having a survey accurate 3D model is the critical first step to the success of the project and this is where you can start achieving the benefits.

3D scan to BIM allows for all buildings, no matter the age, to be brought into line with modern workflows. Through this process of capturing real world conditions by the laser scanner we can ensure accurate representations of all characteristics of a building, structure or service discipline.

3 steps to a confident start of your BIM project

  1. Scan - point cloud is generated
  2. Process - point cloud is registered
  3. Model - output is a Revit/CAD 3D model

You can now commence your BIM workflows with your model.

Realserve BIM Process


BIM Features and Advantages

  • Facilitates coordination and collaboration between the disciplines involved in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of existing buildings. The project team works on the same model, any changes are automatically coordinated.
  • Time is saved, as the coordination checks are reduced or eliminated through clash detection.
  • Show cost implications of design changes as they occur.
  • Errors on site are significantly reduced, as information is coordinated and clash detected.
  • Building service information is available for facilities management on completion of the build.
  • The information transfer between the phases of design, construction and operation, is smoother, as each discipline adds information to the model.
  • Productivity is increased, as information is retrieved faster and easily.