Land Survey Services

Plans for residential, commercial and industrial developments includes town planning, amongst others.

We are pioneers in offering various land survey services across Australia. Our reputation for quality is based on recommending the right solution, not necessarily the most complicated one, performed to the highest ethical standard. Ask us for boundary surveys, subdivision plans, topographical surveys or site analysis plans. 

Fetaure Boundary survey

Boundary Surveys

An Identification Survey (NSW) / Title Re-establishment survey (VIC) / Location Certificate (QLD) is used to show the locations of fences, any improvements, changes or encroachments on a parcel of land in relation to its title boundaries.

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Subdivision Feature1

Subdivision Plans

Subdivision of a parcel of land or a building into two or more lots whether industrial, commercial or residential.

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easement feature

Creation of easement survey

An easement is a section of land registered on a property title, which gives someone the right to use the land for a specific purpose even though they are not the land owner, such as shared driveways, power lines or drainage.

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DetailContour Fetaure 1

Topographical & detail surveys

Our feature and level (contour) surveys are a survey of the physical features and levels on a site to prepare a detailed survey that can be used by architects and/or engineers in their design. 

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Site analysis Feature

Site analysis plans

The Site Analysis Plan allows a comprehensive view of the constraints and opportunities of the development site. It forms the basis for designers to develop a proposal that utilises the positive aspects of the site and ameliorates the negative aspects.

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Setout fetaure 2

Building set-out surveys

A Set-out Survey is used to set out the exact position of a proposed structure within the legal boundaries of a piece of land. They are a physical transference of a building design onto the land itself for builders to follow during construction.

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Realserve Cadastral Survey

Cadastral surveys

We undertake identification surveys and title re-establishments surveys to determine the position of fencing and occupation to title boundaries utilised for due diligence and design.

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