Retail tenancy plan

We have the knowledge and the skillset to take your needs to the next level. Whether you are the management company, or the new tenant walking into a retail space we understand what to present to you to assist in easing your fitout work flow.

Shopfront elevations and sections.
We know that many retail projects require building elevations and sections. We measure them accurately and professionally to allow you to see what physical space is available to you for refurbishment or new design. Typical features include floor levels, ceiling heights, bulkhead and other structural positions.

Showroom as-built drawings for store refurbishment.
The measured drawings, show you through simplistic easy to read plans, what the existing constraints to your designs or refurbishments are. We recognize how important it is to know the locations of air con, sprinklers, or water inlets, as it gives you a necessary foundation to be as creative and expressive as you desire within your space.

Overall centre plan maps.
Our Centre Maps give you the ‘high altitude’ view of the property and its facilities, showing how they relate to each other and interconnect. Whether you are looking to investigate the diversity and location of your retailers based on type, or set up a map indicating lease duration, our centre maps are the best tool for you.