Aerial Mapping

RealServe offers aerial mapping service across much of Australia, providing you with the highest quality and best value mapping solutions and rooftop inspections. Now you can save time and money in our quality aerial mapping services with our range of air and ground imaging technologies to better help your business. Our aerial mapping includes digital mapping and topographical mapping services for a broad range of applications.

UAV Surveying

RealServe are UAV aerial mapping specialists, and if you're not sure, UAV is the acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Using the latest exciting technologies and tools, we offer a precise aerial mapping solutions to suit almost every requirement. We guarantee the highest quality results for our clients in aerial mapping for a range of industries or solutions including:

  • Property Development: Proving prospective purchasers an overview of your new land or housing development is simple, effective and now within reach. Nothing shows buyers the scale and scope of a project as effectively as a flyover. Additionally, the Aerial Mapping provides valuable tools in measuring and defining site contours and civil requirements for your project.
  • Real Estate: Providing commercial and residential fly-overs, enabling prospective buyers to see all aspects of the property, especially if it is vast in height or size.
  • Surveying: How about adding an aerial map to your contour plans and survey plans for your next project!
  • Agriculture: A video record and aerial map of your property will save an enormous amount of time in auditing and record keeping of your vast property holdings, enabling inspections from the air at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.
  • Marketing Activities: What better way to showcase your property than with an exciting fly through or fly over of your property
  • Resources Sector: Reviewing, monitoring and exploring your industrial facilities, while keeping a high quality visual record of these items, is now more accessible via the RealServe Aerial Mapping and surveying tools.

RealServe delivers cost effective for aerial mapping, surveying and data collection which can be used to create maps and digital elevation models. 

We have offices in all Australian capital cities to ensure we can service virtually everyone. Whatever your need, we have you covered!



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