3D Scanning and Modeling



Laser scanner 3d services

3D Laser Scanning is a recent innovation in the field of surveying. This exciting technology can be used to model the shapes of buildings, landscapes or objects in 3D. The advantage of a 3D scanner is rapid data collection, completeness of the data and unbeatable accuracy. 

The scanning process captures thousands of co-ordinates within seconds to creates a dense model of 3D points known as a “point cloud.”

The 3D scanner is able to measure & interpolate complex shapes and highly detailed objects, allowing for surveys to be carried out in environments where traditional surveying would be impractical.

A Laser Scanner uses state-of-the art technology to capture as-built data from sites, including plants, highways and structures which can then be turned into a 3D Virtual model of the actual object. Point cloud data can be used to create accurate as-built drawings through standard CAD based software.

Realserve ScanModel

3D Model

Realserve offers comprehensive 3D Modelling services. 

The environment or building is measured using one of our advanced 3D laser scanner. 3D modelling can be particularly useful when undertaking architectural restorations. Like repair, reproduction or redesigning of complex building features and embellishments.

Measured as a point cloud, the data is then processed with post-production software and modelled into a CAD format. The CAD model can then be utilized by one of the many 3D CAD software packages; AutoCAD, Revit and ArchiCAD to name a few.

Our technical expertise from a range of disciplines like mechanical, hydraulic and structural to name a few, results in highly accurate and detailed 3D models, from small objects to large buildings and structures.